Micol Buti | About
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Micol Buti is an illustrator who lives and works in a small town near Lucca. He attended the Art Institute of Lucca and then the former International School of Comics in Florence. During the illustration course, he approaches modelling with plasticine, Supersculpey and other pastes.
Currently, he carries on the illustration experimenting as much as possible, both using paper with the papercraft technique and modelling (puppet making).

In the future, he would like to try stop motion.


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PH Elisa Belloni


• Annual 2018, Associazione Autori di Immagini – Selected



• Let’s Dance,  curated by Le Vanvere, Ludicomix, Empoli – 2018

• Zoo, curated by “Le Vanvere”, Ludicomix, Empoli – 2017